The winner of the spring cleaning giveaway is...Rachel!!

Congratulations!! I'll get you your goods!


I shared in January about my word for the year. I'm learning how to find the gifts of joy in the simple, everyday things. 

A few days ago I posted this picture on Intagram...13 days into Ross' last business trip. I woke up that morning bone weary and overwhelmed. A walk to the park, the smell of spring, my kid's joy in running outdoors, all these simple gifts changed my attitude, filled me with joy, strengthened my heart. 

I'm learning to find gifts where I once saw burdens. I am grateful for two week business trips. They mean my husband has a job. They mean he works hard. 

As I was sweeping under the table the other night I found another gift. Not the in the actual pile I swept up, which was large enough to feed a colony of guinea pigs. (Do guinea pigs live in colonies??) Suddenly it hit me that I was greatful for so many crumbs and sticky spots on the floor. It means I am blessed with little people. It means my house is lived in.


So take a look at your life. Be in love with it. Find gifts in the challenging places.