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We spent last weekend in Seabrook with my entire family. It was our first all-family vacation in well over 5 years and was perfectly wonderful!

We're alive and kicking!


Hi there friends. I got a text from my mother in love yesterday because apparently I haven't posted anything on the interwebs in a week. I have a good reason for that. But I'll just let these pictures from Easter speak for themselves. 

That's right. Baker baby no. 4 is on the way! We're expecting him or her at the end of December. I'm in the height of the first trimester so there's a lot of laying on the couch, falling dead asleep at random times, overwhelming nausea and ravenous hunger, food aversions and cravings. My sister told me yesterday that she's hoping I get to the "glories of the second trimester" soon. Ha! Me too. 

But mostly we feel more excited than ever to welcome this new little life and see who they are and what they are like!

Happy Birthday Ida Marie!



You are our most precious, beautiful girl! We are so glad you are part of our family! You love people, anyone, right from the get go. At the park I am most likely to find you playing with someone you've never met who you are already calling "friend". You are loving and friendly to just about everyone. 

And you have a deep compassion for people. You get very concerned when anyone in the house is hurt. Often saying things like, "you okay honey?? It's ok."

Your favorite things to do right now are singing and reading books. Your most frequently sung show tunes are from Frozen, of course. You love to stand in front of the mirror and sing. your. heart. out. 

You will also sit and look at books sometime for an hour straight. You aren't as patient about being read to, but you love to look. Most nights you sleep with at lease half a dozen books tucked in the bed with you. :)

Ida, Mommy and Daddy love you so much! You are our precious princess and we can't imagine life without you! Happy birthday!

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Giveaway Winner & A Bit of Random


Good morning, friends! The giveaway winner is...

Brittany Wirth!! Congratulations girl! Send me your address and I'll ship it off to you.

Thank you so much to all of you that entered, I wish I could send you each a blanket! Instead, use code MAY10 to get 10% off any order from the Etsy shop between now and next Monday.


And now, a rather random jumble of things on my mind this morning. First of which is a big happy 18th birthday shout out to my favorite baby sister!

You've had your share of struggles in the last few years and yet you remain full of joy and optimism for the future. I'm excited to see where this next year takes you! Love you girl!

Ross took some time off work so we had a long weekend as a family and enjoyed some different adventures between spurts of rain.

There are times I wish you all could be flies on our wall at home, it's really quite entertaining. Ida's latest thing is to crawl up in her Dad's lap, throw her arms around his neck and say, "close you eyes dad!" and then proceed to give him a big smooch. Of course with her eyes closed too. :) She was in the middle of one of these smooching sessions last night after dinner when little Ross walks down the hall and announces, "I don't have a brother anymore." As we hear Jack's screams of protest from behind the garage door. Ha! Sometimes parenting so many young kids at once is downright overwhelming. But a lot of times it's just hilarious, and I sure am grateful for the comic relief!

Happy Birthday Peter-Parker-Spidey-man-Victorious-Knight-Ross Baker



Although you are already waiting longingly for next year and the day you will turn FIVE, it's hard to believe that four has crept up on us this quickly. I am amazed at how much you've grown in the last year. Gone is the baby and toddler. You really are a little boy.

Your name means strong, victorious knight, and you live that every day. What ever you are doing you put your whole self into it, for good or bad. ;) Last year you were fully submerged in Buzz Lightyear world, and this year it's Spider-man. But in essense, what you are really all about is being a superhero. Defeating the "bad guys" and rescuing "all the families and princesses". You are a victorious knight!

And you are such an encourager! I'm so grateful for that. You are always telling us how much you love us, how awesome/beautiful/brave we are, how you love us to the galaxies. That never, ever gets old. 

You love your brother and sister so much. You want to help them do the right thing (as any good first born sibling does ;) and you are super affectionate with them, when you want to be. :) And you love to make all of us laugh. You sometimes tell me, "mom, God made me silly!" 

Ross, Mom and Dad are SO proud of you! You are our best first son! We love you to the moon and back! 

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