Happy Birthday, Jack!


Dear Jack Valiant,

Today you are two! It's hard to imagine a time when you weren't in our lives. You fill up our hearts and we love who you are!

You don't say much with words, but you notice everything. You squeak a lot to point out what you're observing and you're very motivated to keep up with your brother and sister. You are incredibly strong and a go getter! But you are also very soft and loving toward people. You love to say bye to anyone and anything. 

You are OBSESSED with cars, trucks, trains, planes, tractors. If it has an engine you love it. Most days for the last 6 months you have carried a toy car or two around with you. Of the few words you do say "ca" and "nane" are among the two most used. 

We are so proud of you son! Happy two years Jack man!

Hello, there.


Hi Friends. It's been a while. I've thought about blogging a lot in the last few months. But it just hasn't happened. I think mostly because we've been through such a tremendous amount of change in the last year and I've just been processing a lot quietly and internally. I've actually taken a step back from most social media, though not intentionally. I guess as I've been sorting through things personally I haven't felt the need or desire to "put myself out there" so much.

Anyway, I've been wanting to post and here I am! I don't really know a great place to dive back in but I can start with a few updates, which you may or may not know. First, we're having a little girl at the end of December! The arrival of Violet Grace DeeAnn is much anticipated by everyone in the house.

We've experienced some challenges with this pregnancy. All my babies have been small, but Violet measured the smallest at her 20 week ultrasound. There was some concern and after a number of tests and continued monitoring the general consensus is that she is indeed healthy but small. I have weekly appointments to monitor her growth and so far so good. But if you think about her please say a prayer that her growth will continue at a healthy pace, and that I won't have to be induced early.

One year ago this month we sold our first house. The house I thought we would raise our kids in. The house we brought two of our three babies home to. We didn't even know where we were going from there, just that we needed to sell. We lived with Ross' family for almost 5 months, then rented a townhouse for 6 months. In the last year our decision to sell has proved such a blessing to our family, but the process of figuring out where we're going now and what that looks like has been long, and at times rather painful. We narrowed down in the spring that we definitely wanted to settle in Kirkland, near Ross' work and our families. And then spent the next several months looking for a house that met our criteria. Just about a month ago we found the place and last weekend we moved in. It's felt slow and fast all at the same time. But as we settle into this new house, I feel my soul settling from the upheaval of the last year. I know there are good things ahead of us.

Right now, we're unpacking, nesting in preparation for Violet, enjoying a beautiful PNW fall, and loving having a backyard! So cheers to new beginnings!

Our Summer in Pictures


Hi Friends, we've been having quite the adventerous summer, although I've literally spent every spare moment flat on the couch growing this fourth baby. But I'm actually sitting up on the couch today so I can share some pictures with you from our summer so far. :)

We started with swim lessons for Ross and Ida. For their first swim lessons they did fabulous, and if you're in the area we highly recommend Peter Kirk Pool.

This is Ida doing "starfish". She LOVES being underwater and literally spent over half of her time in the pool floating around like a dead body. 

For Father's Day we suprised Ross with a day trip to our favorite little spot on the Olympic Peninsula. It was a cool grey day but lots of fun.

When I was a girl we would sometimes go pick strawberries at the farm. At the end of June my sister Sarah and I took the kids to Beringer farms to pick berries. Ross and Ida were amazing little helpers and Jack was our official taste tester. :) Now we have over a dozen jars of freezer jam so we'll get to enjoy those strawberries through the fall and winter!

Oh, and I cut Jack's hair. He has amazing hair, but having it in his face constantly and literally longer than Ida's was driving me crazy. I'm loving his big boy look.

And we've also spend a good bit of time on the water, both sailing and exploring the shore. It's been a good summer so far and we're looking forward to more adventures.

The Fam


We spent last weekend in Seabrook with my entire family. It was our first all-family vacation in well over 5 years and was perfectly wonderful!

We're alive and kicking!


Hi there friends. I got a text from my mother in love yesterday because apparently I haven't posted anything on the interwebs in a week. I have a good reason for that. But I'll just let these pictures from Easter speak for themselves. 

That's right. Baker baby no. 4 is on the way! We're expecting him or her at the end of December. I'm in the height of the first trimester so there's a lot of laying on the couch, falling dead asleep at random times, overwhelming nausea and ravenous hunger, food aversions and cravings. My sister told me yesterday that she's hoping I get to the "glories of the second trimester" soon. Ha! Me too. 

But mostly we feel more excited than ever to welcome this new little life and see who they are and what they are like!
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